Breaking Down Walls

There’s always something in the back of your mind that sometimes resurfaces and you can’t seem to get a grip of it. It comes up again and again and when it finally smacks you in the face it’s like a light went off!

I have known Jax for a long time. I went to high school with his sisters and was in sports with Bryna and my little sister, Jasmine was friends with their little sister Keke. Jax was also good friends with my brother Jared who passed away in 2008 (I’ll touch on this later as well). I moved away  for quite a few years since I graduated high school. I would come home and visit and every time I did Jax and I have always linked up and hung out. It was pretty much every time I was home for my military leave since I graduated high school. He would cook me dinner, he would take me on nice “dates” like going four wheeling, swimming, steak dinners on the grill, movies and just relaxing fun. You name it, this kid did it and it was so sweet! 

I was young, dumb and stupid then. I wasn’t ready for a relationship with him because I had other things that I thought were more important at that time. So me, being a jerk I was, I would ditch him at every “date” and come up with excuses to have to leave. I even had my little sister call me crying as a decoy to leave early on the dinner he had set up for us.

 It wasn’t until I moved back home almost 10 years later and we hung out again a few times, and that’s when that “something in the back of your mind” smacked me in my face! I finally put my guard down and allowed him in. I was ready to love him and care for him and for him to love and care for me. He knew I had a daughter and I didn’t let them meet for a while. It wasn’t until she came back from her dad’s place did they meet for the first time. And boy did they hit it off! It was so heart-warming to see him interact with her and her with him. Jax was a school teacher back in the day and I already knew he was great with kids, so I had no doubt he would be great with my daughter. Jax knew from the beginning, I was NOT looking for a father for my daughter, she has a great Dad. I wanted him to be able to love her and I together and start our own family someday with him. For him to be a father like figure in her life was a plus for us all.

Ever since that day, they’re like two peas in a pod! She seriously loves him and it makes my heart melt over and over again. I have completely fallen in Love with him and I think I knew I  Loved him deep inside, all those years. But I was stupid and young and too dumb to realize that every time we met up he was trying to swoon me over with all his antics and I just didn’t read the signs.

Meeting for the first time
My heart melted
She was so excited!

Here we are now almost 5 years later! I ended up moving to Pittsburgh where Jax lived. I found a job working at the hospital and have moved onto another amazing career since then. Shortly after moving down, Jax and I got our first apartment together with my daughter. Boy was she excited when she returned from her dad’s she had her own room and she was all ready to start kindergarten.

And now we have our first home, we’ve added a dog, Arya and about 17 months ago we added our son!

Boy have we grown since the night we met…again!!

As Always….. PLEASE BE KIND! 

This is a later post than normal due to the fact I am out for some Army stuff for two weeks so I have limited time to get on to do this, but thank you for your patience! Much Love!

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